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Meet the Designer


Growing up with a creative outlook on the world, Jessica has always been inspired by colour, surface designs, and sewing. As a result, falling in love with fashion came as no

surprise. Influences from haute couture runways, antique markets, organic prints, and various decades of fashion inspire her designs.

As a maker and designer, Jessica saw a lack of connection between individuals and their garments, particularly with traditional techniques and high-quality fabrics, which are a central focus of her own designs. Jessica hopes to bring those details back into the fashion industry, but with a contemporary approach. Each one of her creations effortlessly embodies a sense of vintage flair and function, creating forward-thinking concepts that bring classic, colourful, and contemporary aspects into every piece.

From individual accessories to fully fabricated gowns, Jessica always keeps originality in mind as she continues to push the envelope and marry classic fashions with innovative trends in every new collection.


"Express yourself in everything that you do, including your wardrobe"

-Jessica L Trotter

We Specialize
in Devore

In the early 20th century, lace was considered very valuable and expensive in the making of wedding garments for those who had the necessities to afford it. 

For those who could not afford lace, a second-class option was commonly used, known as devore. Devore, specifically seen on velvet, became known as "Poor Man's Lace". When individuals could not afford actual lace, they would create their wedding dress out of devored material. 

Coming into the 21st century, lace has become a more common and easily attainable fabric that most dressmakers use to create gowns. While it is beautiful and has gorgeous qualities, it's something everyone has seen before. As a designer, I look to create something more luxurious and individualistic than that. I plan on changing lace into "Poor Man's Devore". 


Every piece, collection, and gown can be customizable and specialized to each individual's exact style using devore. It can visually portray their background, carry images of their favourite things, and most importantly, be a one-of-a-kind creation no one else has in the world. 


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